Hey, I'm Jon.

About this site

I make things about topics that are interesting to me. I'm currently learning about branding, baking, coffee roasting, exercise, nutrition, programming, sleep, and videography.

I'll be sharing everything I'm learning and working on here.

Me in 10 seconds

I've been a professional musician, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, marketer, and web developer.

I love Jesus. I'm married to Grace. I'm dad to June, Charlie, and Evelyn. Adopted from Seoul, I now live in Burlington, WI.

What am I doing now?

I recently sold my software company, ZoomShift, and I'm searching for my next opportunity. In the meantime, I'm consulting for software startups and building Burlington Coffee Co.

Contact me

Email me at jonhainstock@gmail.com, or find me everywhere @jonhainstock.

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