Here's a list of al the things I use to build software, stay productive, or buy to fool myself into thinking I’m being productive when I’m really just procrastinating. Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff.


  • 14” MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 64GB RAM (2021)

    I was using an Intel-based 13” MacBook Pro prior to this and the difference is night and day.

  • LG UltraFine 4K Display

    This monitor is great for coding and design. One fateful day, as I attempted to adjust the height of my standing desk, disaster struck. The power cord for my monitor got tangled, causing the screen to come crashing down to the floor. I was devastated - my trusty display had been a constant companion, and I had grown so attached to it. In the end, I had to bid farewell to my beloved monitor and purchase a new one, unable to bear the thought of working without it.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard

    This accessory may be simple, but I appreciate its comfortable feel and sleek design. Perhaps in the future, I'll upgrade to a mechanical keyboard like all the cool kids.

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

    I used to have a magic mouse, but found the trackpad had better ergonomics for my workflow.

  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair

    If I’m going to slouch in the worst ergonomic position imaginable all day, I might as well do it in an expensive chair.

Development tools

  • VS Code

    Aesethically, VS Code is pretty lame. I miss the feel of Sublime Text 2, but I enjoy the performance and extensions in VS Code, so I'm hooked.

  • iTerm2

    My favorite part of iTerm2 is the hotkey mode. I use a keyboard shortcut to drop the terminal from the top of the screen with a slight transparency so I can still see the rest of the screen.

  • Postico

    Great software for working with Postgres databases. It has saved me from building about a thousand admin interfaces for my various projects over the years.


  • Figma

    Figma is one of the most amazing pieces of software I have ever used. I used to design in Illustrator/Photoshop, but switching to Figma has been a gamechanger.


  • Alfred

    It’s not the newest kid on the block but it’s still the fastest. The Sublime Text of the application launcher world.

  • Notion

    Notion has taken over as my Wiki, project management hub, and notes. It's a little scary how much I rely on it.

  • SavvyCal

    A solid tool for scheduling meetings while protecting my calendar and making sure I still have lots of time for deep work during the week.

  • Paste

    Great copy and paste tool for Mac that saves history and makes it easy to retrieve the clipboard.