When Buyers Knock: Scale or Sale

A guide for entrepreneurs who are considering whether to sell or scale their business and how to maximize potential exit value.

This guide is a work in progress. If you see dummy text on a page, it means I'm still working on it. You can follow updates on Twitter @jonhainstock.


Clarifying Your Motivation

Begin by clarifying your personal and business goals. Why consider selling now? What are your aspirations post-sale?


Evaluating Your Options

Learn about the market of buyers for your business and how they will perceive value.


Engaging with Buyers

Learn how to run an effective process with buyers and increase the likelihood of getting multiple offers.


Learn how to negotiate offers to get the best deal possible.


Surviving Due Diligence

Learn how to survive due diligence while keeping the business strong.


Closing the Deal

Learn how to get over the finish line, transfer assets, and some common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.